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Our Services

Our program consists of three phases:

bulletTherapeutic Program Activities
bulletDischarge Planning


An assessment involves having a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist evaluate the patient to determine that a hospital stay is the most appropriate level of care.  It also includes having a licensed therapist gather information regarding the patient's family history.  This information will be used to create a treatment plan tailored to meet the special needs of the individual.


Therapeutic program activities

Therapeutic program activities are provided seven-days-per week and include:

bulletIndividual therapy
bulletGroup therapy
bulletRecreation therapy
bulletArt therapy

Therapeutic Activities at Willow Crest Hospital and Moccasin Bend Ranch

Academic Program

Children and adolescents frequently experience academic and disciplinary problems in school and often fall behind in their studies. We provide an on-site school with full-time licensed teachers to help students catch up and keep current with their academic work.


Academic Facilities

Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning begins at admission. A plan is developed detailing long and short-term goals. The plan may also provide for continued care on an outpatient basis or referral to other appropriate resources.


Discharge Planning

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